“Huge potential growth is seen for the emerging floating wind sector globally” – Marcus Thor, CEO 

The Future of Wind Power is Floating

Hexicon is a world-leading project developer and technology provider in the emerging sector of offshore floating wind. As a project developer, Hexicon develops projects, partnering with regional experts. As a technology provider, Hexicon provides its patented floating wind design – TwinWind™ – which consists of one foundation with dual turbines. The innovative twin turbine design enables more turbines per sea area, which increases the energy yield and reduces the environmental impact. The company operates in several markets across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Hexicon is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (ticker HEXI).


With engineering, innovation and collaboration we enable the global and local transformation of the energy supply system, from fossil fuels to carbon-free models through the enormous potential of ocean winds.


Together with our partners we are on a journey to change the way renewable energy is produced. We believe that the future of wind power is floating, and we strive to make this technology widely available around the globe.