South Africa

A joint venture between Hexicon AB and

Genesis Eco-Energy

Key Facts

Capacity800 MV
Hexicon share50%
PartnerGenesis Eco-Energy


GenesisHexicon is a joint venture between Hexicon AB and Genesis Eco-Energy. Genesis Eco-Energy has been a pioneer in the development of renewable energy in South Africa for over two decades.


South Africa has a strong growing demand for clean and stable electricity production which is why offshore wind is of great interest to the country. The area for which the Gagasi project is planned is called Richards Bay and is with its deep waters and strong winds optimal for floating offshore wind. Fully developed, the park, which has a planned capacity of 800 MW, will be able to deliver electricity to thousands of households and companies in the area.


The Gagasi Floating Offshore Wind Farm is planned to be developed outside South Africa’s east coast where waters are deep, and winds are strong and stable. The project was initiated in 2022 by the joint venture GenesisHexicon.

Milestones achieved

The latest milestone in the project is the start of the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) which was initialised in 2022. Offshore environmental surveys are currently underway and it is expected that the permit application will be submitted in 2024.


Project Management
Head Office
Genesis Eco-Energy,
Head Office