A joint venture between Hexicon AB and Mainstream Renewable Power

Key Facts

JVFreja Offshore
Capacity2500 MW
Hexicons share50%
PartnerMainstream Renewable Power



Mareld is a Swedish offshore wind project that was initiated in 2021. The project is a joint venture, called Freja Offshore, between Hexicon AB and Mainstream Renewable Power. The seabed area for Mareld is situated about 40 kilometres from the Swedish west coast, outside of the island Orust, within the Swedish economic zone.


With its location far out at sea, hardly visible from shore, Mareld will be able to produce large and reliable amounts of renewable energy. Fully developed, Mareld is estimated to have the potential to deliver 9-12 TWh annually, which corresponds to two-thirds of the Västra Götaland region’s electricity consumption.


Today the region imports a major portion of its electricity and studies show that the electricity needs will increase by 50 % until 2030. An increase in renewable and locally produced electricity will therefore be an asset for the region as the dependence on grid expansion, which takes a long time in Sweden, is greatly reduced.


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milestones achieved

The latest milestone in the project was reached in 2023 with the submission of the permit application for the seabed area to the Swedish Ministry of Energy Business and Industry. The next milestone is expected during the second quarter of 2024 when the decision of the permit application is expected to come from the Swedish Government.


Hexicon or Freja Offshore
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