AvenHexicon has obtained priority rights over two areas in Italy to develop floating wind farms

Hexicon is operating in Italy through its joint venture, AvenHexicon Srl, with local partner Avapa Energy Srl. Previously this year, grid and maritime concession applications were filed for five sites in the country, of which two have now obtained maritime priority rights. The first area, located south of Sicily, is 346 km2 ≈ 1,200 MW, while the second area, located Northwest of Sardinia, extends for 364 km2 ≈ 1,350 MW. The two offshore areas are now prioritized for the development by AvenHexicon.

Hexicon’s 50/50 joint venture AvenHexicon has five potential development sites in Italy situated around the coasts of Sardinia, Sicily, and Puglia. Grid connections were applied for earlier this year as well as Maritime Concession applications having been submitted. AvenHexicon has now obtained priority rights for two areas with the purpose to develop floating wind farms, the areas are located south of Sicily and northwest of Sardinia with the sites ranging from 346 km2 to 364 km2. The capacity for the sites are 1,200 MW and 1,350 MW with a combined potential to bring renewable energy to over 2,5 million Italian households.

According to the Italian legislation on the promotion of the renewable energy use and in agreement with authorization procedures for offshore wind, AvenHexicon has applied for the Maritime Concession for the offshore wind farm areas. Applications have gone through the public notification process in accordance with relevant law decrees. 

Italy has great potential for floating offshore wind. Recently, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) highlighted the country as one of the top five emerging markets for offshore wind. The country is aiming to generate 55% of its total electricity generation from renewables by 2030. The fast process and positive signals intensify Hexicon’s efforts in Italy and further strengthens the value-build of the project portfolio.

“Having obtained rights for these two water areas are evidence of our competitive offering as a project developer. This is a steppingstone for AvenHexicon, aiming to be a key player in Italy’s gradual transition to a renewable, fossil-free energy system,” said Alberto Dalla Rosa, CEO at AvenHexicon.