Hexicon participates in the development of offshore green hydrogen plant in Spain together with Acciona

Hexicon, a leading technology and project developer of floating wind farms, has announced that the company's joint venture WunderHexicon will take a leading role in the OCEANH2 research project with the objection to develop Spain's first offshore green hydrogen plant. The project is conducted by a consortium of eight companies managed by Acciona, one of the world’s largest clean energy companies. WunderHexicon will receive a funding of approximately EUR 620,000 for the initial phase of the project.

The industrial research project will be developed simultaneously in six Spanish autonomous communities. Together with the other participating companies, WunderHexicon will design and experimentally validate the first offshore facility for generation, storage and distribution of green hydrogen. The project will propose a modular, flexible, and intelligent solution combining floating wind power and photovoltaic technology. The plant will be based on Heixcon’s patented floating wind power platforms that will provide the production with renewable electricity.

Marcus Thor, Project Director and incoming CEO of Hexicon, commented: "The project is another step in the global expansion of our technology as well as for floating wind power in general. OCEANH2 takes advantage of the major benefits provided by offshore and renewable electricity generation, while demonstrating the importance of collaboration and research to reach the climate goals."

The final objective of the project is the use of the offshore wind resource for the production of hydrogen, without dependence on the electrical connection to the grid, which currently limits the use of the wind resource at sea.

OCEANH2 is an industrial research project that is in line with the current European targets for the production and use of green hydrogen. The project is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Research and Innovation and has received over EUR 6 million from the Science and Innovation Missions program. The project consortium consists of eight companies covering the entire value chain in offshore electricity generation and green hydrogen. WunderHexicon is a joint venture between Hexicon and Spanish Wundersight Group.

For further information, please contact:
Marcus Thor, +46 73 924 44 93, marcus.thor@hexicon.eu

About Hexicon
Hexicon offers a patented technology for floating wind farms that enables to generate large amounts of renewable energy offshore and develops wind power projects in deep water areas. The company was founded in 2009 and has participated in development projects all over the world, including the world's largest floating wind farm outside South Korea. Floating wind power is considered an important component as the world moves from fossil fuels to renewable energy. For more information, please visit www.hexicon.eu.