Hexicon recruits top executives to strengthen its position in North America

Hexicon continues to expand its North American presence as Theodore Paradise, Chief Policy and Legal Officer, and Darren McQuillan, Vice President Global Fabrication, join the company. Theodore has a demonstrated track record of 20+ years within the utilities industry, where he is a recognized expert on regulatory and strategic grid planning matters. During the past 35+ years, Darren has worked within the US and global heavy construction industry. Beginning in Q2 2022, these hires emphasize Hexicon’s strategic focus on rapid commercialization of its technology and thought leadership in unlocking markets and project development.

Hexicon is hitting the ground running in North America, tackling two of the most pressing challenges for the industry head-on: supply chain and offtake strategy. Aspects that will be crucial in driving partnership-based JVs that embrace the step-change in complexity that floating brings to the offshore sector. Despite being active in the region for just over 100 days, the recent hires emphasize Hexicon’s commitment to a strong North American strategy and represent important progress toward growing a dynamic and strategic team.

Theodore Paradise, most recently at Anbaric, has a background in policy thought leadership, strategic project development, and deep regulatory expertise in the utilities industry. In his new role as Chief Policy and Legal Officer, he will focus on boosting brand recognition and market influence as well as establishing a technology leadership profile. His addition also strengthens Hexicon’s North American capabilities as a leader in project development.

“By leveraging both its development partnerships and industry-leading technology solution, Hexicon is well positioned to have a significant impact in the North American market. Coupled with a powerful vision for how to move floating offshore wind forward, Hexicon is an important player in the development of floating offshore wind. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this company and advance the benefits of floating wind to meet renewable energy goals. While doing so in a manner that will benefit consumers and help the technology scale quickly”, says Theodore Paradise.

Darren McQuillan joins from Flour Corporation, where he held the position as Deputy General Manager of Operations. As Hexicon’s new Vice President Global Fabrication, Darren will support global commercialization and serialization including R&D funding and drive strategic partnerships.

“I am very happy to be part of Hexicon and the exciting journey that lays ahead. Commercializing the TwinWind solution – from single floaters and demonstration to gigawatt-scale – is a strategic priority of Hexicon’s leadership. Unlocking the supply chain and infrastructure for floating wind offers an unprecedented opportunity to create global, regional, and local solutions as well as next-generation jobs and economic development. With my experience and understanding of global and North American markets, I look forward to supporting the acceleration of Hexicon’s technology journey and unlock substantial project benefits for our development partnerships”, says Darren McQuillan.

“Theodore and Darren are excellent additions to our team. Together they will strengthen our presence and position in North America and globally, through their considerable experience and local knowledge. These hires emphasize Hexicon’s dual expertise as both a leading floating offshore wind project developer and innovative technology solution. At a time when the energy transition and energy security are coming into ever-sharper focus around the globe, we’re delighted to have them on board”, says Marcus Thor, CEO of Hexicon.