The European Patent Office intends to grant Hexicon patent for a floating wind power platform with tilted towers

The European Patent Office (EPO) has confirmed its intention to grant Hexicon a European patent for the company's floating wind power platform with tilted towers. EPO has also examined a third-party submission, similar to the objection filed against the patent already granted in Sweden, and did not find it relevant, in accordance with Hexicon's previous assessment.

The current patent relates to a floating platform with two tilted towers which makes it possible to install two turbines on the same platform. The patent has previously been granted in Sweden and South Africa. In the next step, Hexicon will receive a formal decision about the grant, and then validate the patent in the markets for which it wishes to obtain patent protection.

In June, an objection to the granted patent in Sweden was submitted to the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV). This was described in an additional prospectus prior to Hexicon's listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. After consultation with the company's patent attorney and in light of the fact that the objection essentially referred to already known documentation, the assessment was made that the objection would not be successful. In connection with the assessment of the European patent application, EPO has also considered a third-party submission similar to the objection to the Swedish granted patent and has found it not to be relevant.

Marcus Thor, CEO of Hexicon, said: "Our floating platforms with tilted towers increase the power density for a given water area and thus reduce the number of platforms and cabling, which means more efficient electricity production and lower costs. It feels great that we now also will get the European patent granted as planned."

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