The Swedish Patent and Registration Office rejects competitor’s objection to Hexicon’s patent

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) has rejected the objection from Enerocean S.L. regarding the patent relevant to the company's TwinWind™ design. Therefore, Hexicon's TwinWind™ technology has confirmed patent status and potential for further development. The decision is expected and applies to the patent in Sweden, and is in line with Hexicon's previous assessment of the objection.

In June 2021, an objection was filed against the granted Swedish patent with the PRV. This was described in a supplementary prospectus ahead of Hexicon's listing on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. After consulting with the company's patent attorney and considering that the objection essentially referred to already known documentation, the assessment was made that the objection would not be successful. In the course of examining the patent application at the European Patent Office (EPO), similar objections have been raised and have then been deemed not relevant.

"This is an expected but very welcome decision from the PRV, and it's nice to have a positive conclusion to the nearly two-year-long case. We also see the decision as supportive of the entire patent family in all national validated patents, which also provides continued motivation in the development of TwinWind™ and related IP," says Niklas Hummel, CTO at Hexicon.

Hexicon's TwinWind™ technology is a groundbreaking innovation in the offshore wind power industry, enabling more power production per unit of ocean area than single turbine systems. TwinWindTM also minimizes impact on the environment and surrounding activities and enables the establishment of wind farms in deeper waters, far from the coast. The construction consists of a triangular, floating steel structure with two turbines on inclined towers that rotate freely with the wind direction. Hexicon now has patents in over 20 countries, and more national patents around the world are expected to follow.