UK / Scotland

The United Kingdom has ambitious plans to reach zero emissions by 2050 with targets of 40 GW of offshore wind, including 5MW of floating offshore wind, deployed by 2030. The United Kingdom is a world leader in the deployment of offshore wind and plans to continue that path. The country has set a target for net zero emissions by 2050 and is one of only two countries, alongside Japan, to have legislated against climate change.


Hexicon is developing the second phase towards commercialization for the TwinWind™ technology in the TwinHub project. This project will deploy multiple floating TwinWind™ platforms off the windy coast of Cornwall in the Celtic Sea. Interesed to read more? Visit TwinHub’s website!

North Sea, Scotland

Hexicon and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) are joint venture partners in the 100 MW Pentland Floating Wind Farm. Once built, Pentland will be the northernmost offshore wind farm in the world located 9 km from shore in Dounreay, Scotland in 90m – 100m water depths.


Julius Molzahn

Chief Project Officer

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