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At Hexicon, our project portfolio is a key element of our value creation, and we continue to invest in early markets and projects to drive our growth. Our portfolio is divided into three different groups, each of which is assigned with different levels of resources and development funding. Hexicon’s project portfolio is diversified in terms of project maturity and geography, which not only distributes risks but also allows for successful divestments.


Currently Hexicon has 18 projects in its portfolio of which 12 are defined as projects in various stages.

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The remaining six projects in the portfolio are defined as prospects, which means that they are in an early development stage with an expectation of near-term site exclusivity.


For Hexicon to proceed with a prospect a joint venture, with a local partner, is almost always established.



In parallel with the development work in our project portfolio, we are actively working to identify new development markets for floating offshore wind. Thanks to our knowledge of the offshore wind market and careful market investigations, our teams identify optimal markets for new projects. Once we have identified a market for deeper analysis, we define them as outlook markets.


In some cases, and whilst these markets are under evaluation, we set up a local office or cooperate with a local partner to learn more about the market conditions.

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