Sardinia South 2


A joint venture between Hexicon AB and Avapa Energy


Capacity700 MW
Hexicon Share50%
PartnerAvapa Energy


Italy is one of the most significant markets in Europe for floating wind as it aims to generate 55% of total electricity generation from renewables by 2030. With a large coastline and good wind resources, especially in the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea Italy has strong potential for floating wind.


In 2021 Hexicon AB and Avapa Energy signed the joint venture agreement, AvenHexicon, to develop floating offshore wind in Italy. The joint venture currently has seven active projects. The sea outside the coast of Sardinia is deep and windy, which makes floating offshore wind suitable for clean energy production. Sardinia South 2 is a project with a capacity of 700 MW.


Italy’s growing demand for clean energy in combination with the untapped winds across the sea outside the coastlines makes floating offshore wind the perfect solution for clean energy production.

Milestones Achieved

The latest project milestone was achieved in 2022 when the seabed area was secured. The next milestone is planned to happen during 2024.


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