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TwinWind™ Floating Technology

Hexicon’s patented TwinWind™ technology is a game-changer in the offshore wind industry. By utilizing two turbines on one foundation, TwinWind™ enables more power to be produced per sea area when compared to single-turbine system. This further reduces the levelized cost of energy providing lower electricity prices for consumers whilst minimizing the impact on the environment and surrounding activities. Floating foundations make wind power accessible in deeper waters where the potential is virtually unlimited. TwinWind™ designs adapt to all the major offshore wind turbine designs and can support turbines ranging from 3 MW -16 MW and beyond, evolving as turbine technologies evolve.

Acces to Better Wind Conditions
Less Impact on Environment
Flexibility in Site Selection
Independence of Water Depth
High Power Density
Efficient Maintenance

TwinWay Demo Site

Premier of the World’s First TwinWind™

After years of research and development, Hexicon is now developing its first full-scale TwinWind™ platform aimed to be installed at the MetCentre test site off the coast of Norway. With a water depth of 200 metres, favorable seabed conditions, shallow gradient, and excellent wind resource, the MetCentre site is an optimum location for the deployment of the TwinWind™ pilot project. This event is set to be a milestone in Hexicons journey towards scaling the patented TwinWind™ technology.

Infrastructure and Ports

Hexicon’s TwinWind™ design enables projects to optimize the size of their floating platform, turbine, and vessel strategies to either larger or smaller port designs and installation infrastructure without compromising total yield of the final layout. Projects that have access to strong installation infrastructure – heavier lifts, vessels, and large ports may opt for larger next-generation turbines designs, but may find this strategy challenging in smaller port environments. With Hexicon’s TwinWind™ design, projects which are infrastructure-constrained can still benefit from the same windfarm performance and total target LCOE by using current turbine technology, boosting wind farm capacity and minimizing balance of plant costs to achieve a competitive project without compromise.