Investing in Hexicon

Investing in Hexicon

Invest in a sustainable energy future

Hexicon invests heavily in floating wind projects and technology assets, whose value increase during the development phase.


Hexicon is a pioneer and market leader in floating offshore wind that is active in site selection, early-stage development, permitting and commercialisation in the world’s most preeminent markets for offshore wind. Its pioneering DNA allows it to identify and open new water areas for development closely working with local Government, grid operators, utilities, and other key stakeholders.


Combining both an attractive project portfolio with a patented technology, Hexicon provides an attractive growth opportunity in a fast-evolving and maturing market.


  • A global market opportunity of 264 GW installed floating offshore wind by 2050 (DNV report, 2022: 5)
  • Market leader and early mover in a global industry with a presence in 9 key OECD markets
  • Attractive business model combining project development and technology licencing
  • Growing and maturing global project net portfolio of more than 12+GW
  • Patented technology ready for testing

Revenue through divestments and licence fees


Hexicon has two distinct areas of business:

1) Project Development
2) Technology Provider

The two business areas are independent of each other, diversifying the business and generating independent revenue streams. At the same time, synergies are created through Hexicon’s experience, expertise, and partnerships. Revenue is achieved through project ownership and divestments, as well as through license fees for the construction and operation of Hexicon’s patented technology in wind farms.

Project Developer


Our exceptional experience and know-how of how to identify suitable areas for floating offshore wind and opening these new markets for future investments – have proven to be a success factor.


As we unlock these new markets, the early-stage development allows for high ROI (return of investment). This becomes a reality due to a large developer-premium reached by utilising our longstanding technical and project development experience combined with our network of local partners who are experts in the domestic market environment.


As development cycles span over long periods, depending on market maturity and permitting processes, Hexicon seeks to divest before FID (Final Investment Decision) and partially or fully divest before the late-stage development when the capital requirement typically accelerates. Divesting ownership when moving into the late-stage development Hexicon ensures sustainable capital allocation and can push up the return on capital employed due to high-developer premiums.

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Technology Provider


Hexicon is a front-runner in the dual-turbine segment through its patented TwinWind™ technology which is ready for procurement. The design has been refined over the last decade and has gone through basin tests with successful results. Two TwinWindTM floaters are planned to be installed outside the coast of Cornwall, England in the TwinHub project. Through this project, Hexicon will demonstrate the first TwinWindTM floaters at sea which also will deliver electricity to the community grid of Cornwall.

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