Our Projects

Our projects

Project developers on a global scale

At Hexicon, we develop pioneering floating offshore wind projects worldwide, leveraging our comprehensive expertise and strategic partnerships. Our approach, characterised by meticulous planning and stakeholder engagement, not only sets new standards in the offshore wind industry but also demonstrates our global commitment to renewable energy innovation.

Project Portfolio

ProjectJoint VentureCountryMWHexicon share %Partner
MareldFreja OffshoreSweden2500MW50%Mainstream Renewable Power
CirrusFreja OffshoreSweden2000MW50%Mainstream Renewable Power
DyningFreja OffshoreSweden2500MW50%Mainstream Renewable Power
GagasiGenesisHexiconSouth Africa800MW50%Genesis Eco-Energy
MunmuBaramMunmuBaramSouth Korea1125MW20%Shell
Pohang 02 and 03HexiconKoreaSouth Korea800MW29%Coens
PentlandPentlandScotland100MW10%Copenhagen Offshore Partners
Sicily SouthAvenHexiconItaly1150MW50%Avapa Energy
Sardinia North WestAvenHexiconItaly1300MW50%Avapa Energy
Sardinia South 1AvenHexiconItaly1550MW50%Avapa Energy
Sardinia South 2AvenHexiconItaly700MW50%Avapa Energy
YeongwangHexiconKoreaSouth Korea1200MWSOLD



Our expertise is in leading the development process during the first 2-8 years of a project. During this period, we build valuable relations with partners and local stakeholders and prepare all permits needed to deploy the construction of the wind farms.


During the development process, until the final investment decision (FID), before construction, our ownership in the projects is divested at a premium.


Combining our long-term project experience with our partner’s extensive knowledge of the local market settings and stakeholder landscape, we enable a best-in-class development of floating offshore wind in deep sea market areas.


Definition of our types of projects



Active project with assigned resources. Site exclusivity is achieved, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is started or an application for site exclusivity is submitted, and a Joint Venture is formed.



Development activities are ongoing, expectation of near-term site exclusivity; a joint venture is most likely established.



Potential market under current evaluation. Either established office and/or partner; active in the country.