A joint venture between Hexicon AB and Mainstream Renewable Power

Key Facts

JVFreja Offshore
Capacity2000 MV
Hexicon Share50%
PartnerMainstream Renewable Power


Cirrus is the name of a Swedish offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea, initiated in 2021. The project is a joint venture, named Freja Offshore, between Hexicon AB and Mainstream Renewable Power. The seabed area for Cirrus is situated about 50 kilometres from the Swedish southeast coast outside the city of Karlskrona within the Swedish economic zone.


Outside this stretch of coast the winds are strong and steady – which makes the area optimal for offshore wind. With the increasing need for energy the need for new stable renewable alternatives will be crucial. One of the most promising solutions is to build offshore wind power.


Fully developed, the park will be able to deliver 10 TWh annually, which meets the electricity need for approx. 500,000 villas.

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milestones achieved

The latest project milestone was reached in June 2023 with the submission of the permit application to the Ministry of Energy Business and Industry in Sweden. The next milestone is expected sometime during 2024 when the Swedish Government will come back with the decision.


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